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Changing a Plan of Study

Currently enrolled students who wish to change their plan of study (major, minor, certificate, concentration) should consult with their current academic advisors.

  • Normally, students must be in good standing to make a change in their plan of study.

NOTE: To determine how previously earned Indiana State University credit applies toward completion of a particular Indiana State University major, use the "What-If Analysis" tool.

  • To access:
    • log on to MyISU Portal
    • click Student Tab
    • select Degree Audit Tools
    • select either
      • DARS - Degree Audit Reporting System
        • DARS is used for students who first entered the university before the Fall 2012 semester and have a catalog year prior to Fall 2012
      • MySAM - My Student Academic Map
        • MySAM is used for students who entered the university on or after Fall 2012
        • It is also used for students who have updated their catalog year to Fall 2012 or beyond
    • submit an Audit
    • select the What-If Analysis
    • follow the instructions


  • International students should contact an immigration advisor in the University's Center for Global Engagement regarding changes in their academic programs and possible impact on student visa and immigration status.
  • Financial aid recipients should contact the University's Office of Student Financial Aid regarding changes in their academic programs and possible impact on financial aid.
  • Veterans Benefits: Students receiving educational benefits through Veterans Affairs must report any change in program or major. Information regarding this reporting is available from Veterans Services.

Are you ready to change / add / delete a major / minor / concentration / certificate / degree / college?